Kogel Ceramic Bottom Brackets

Kogel Ceramic Bottom Brackets

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These BB's are without doubt the best I've ever used.

Kogel have a BB to fit your preferred frame/crank combo without the need for a bodge adapter. The right cup with the right bearings. Easy.

Two seal options:

Road // Mostly dry miles

Cross // Mostly wet/muddy miles


One year - 'very few questions asked' which is then extended to two years if you have me or your local mechanic perform a service and re-grease of the bearings at 12 months.


If you place an order I will be in touch to confirm your frame/crank combo is correct etc before shipping. Typically orders ship within 2 working days but on the odd occasion the right BB combo isn't in the country delivery time can be up to 2 weeks (but I'll let you know straight away!).